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November 6, 2013
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Pregnant Mare Base 2 (Updated) by xniclord789x Pregnant Mare Base 2 (Updated) by xniclord789x
Here it is.  The very last I can draw anything pony relative.  It's to replace the other one I made.    

With this base, you can make it a pregnant pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Alicorn, Bat Pony, and Changeling.  The eye designs are basic, so if you want it different, you're on your own there.  And if you want her taller, you can extend her legs.  And remember, you have to draw the mane and tail yourself.  And it takes work to make it a changeling, so I left some design to give it a start.  Just make sure to get rid of them if you want just a regular pony.  And for color, you know what to do.  Also, here's the best part.  You can download the Illustrator file.  Yes, it'll be easier, if you have Illustrator, to make it the quality I have for my pictures.  It'll show what and how I did it.  If you just want the base with no file to Illustrator, because you don't have the program, just download the preview.  The Download is only Illustrator file, and you need CS3 and up.  Sorry I didn't add the shadowing, but I did made it if you download the Illustrator file.  The layer is hidden.  So this is it.  I hope this will be helpful to you.  And thank you for enjoying my work.

Update: I've added the shadows and made the head much bigger.  It looks much better now.           
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