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September 14, 2013
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Everything is Going to be Alright by xniclord789x Everything is Going to be Alright by xniclord789x
Commission for :iconrangerkom:

Let's say this a prequel that leads up to the episode Baby Cakes. Now how would I draw it? There are two theories, and it all relates to how he looks with 5 o'clock shadow and untied bow.

Theory one, which is this picture. While they would be prepared, the labor came early in the morning. They had a due date, but it turned to be two weeks early. Mrs. Cake was up and ready, and at that moment, it happened. Mr. Cake, while he was cleaning himself up, rushed out and start panicking. He went for help, but hate to leave his wife. A friend heard and decide to help. Mr. Cake wait by his wife until they come and take her to the hospital. Now that would be silly to be unprepared like that.

And there's theory 2. His wife is in hospital before labor, and then later, he got a call when his wife is. He rushed over as quickly as he can. Now, the thing is, I don't think there are phones in that world. What kind of world has a hospital, but no phones? Of course that can't be. There must be phones. And theory one could just be calling the hospital about his wife in labor.

Either way, I drew it for my first theory. While theory 2 is more responsible, and staying at the store to look after, but theory one is about staying with his wife all the way through. Anyways, I hope you like it.
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