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January 1, 2013
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Commission: Pregnant Celestia by xniclord789x Commission: Pregnant Celestia by xniclord789x
Commission for :iconkim547:

It's about time I have Princess Celestia done, but asking for four kids, that's too much. I know, why is she kind of pink is what you will be asking? It could be as a joke, but pinkish-white seems alright. The background is, well, the sky, sort of. And I was going to leave out her right wing, like it's behind her mane, but I know I'll get a lot of comments saying where is her other wing, or why she only have one wing? Well, I hope you enjoy this piece.
This picture you posted is incredible! She already has a niece. Princess "Cadence" Mi Amore Cadenza, and a nephew, Prince Blueblood, but a couple more nieces/nephews shouldn't be too much to handle for Luna.
And though I like all of your MLP pictures, I don't know if you would ask for critiques all the time. However, I would like an explanation as to why you ask for so many critiques.
I can understand why her right wing is behind her mane, but there are two questions relating to the pic: how many babies is she having, and how is able to fly with that many?
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Good morning, day or night. This picture is beautiful! I would like to see a Play with three children. Next to her is a Doctor Whooves, Sparkler, DJ Whooves, Dinky and Dizzy. (If you don't know my appearance DJ and Dizzy, I can show in your images) You are very very very good draw. Probably sit for hours, I'm certainly not trying to draw the picture said, simply advised. You are a good artist. I hope I don't gone too far with the words, and can and wrote more than I need xD good Luck to you in your personal life.
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